Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Light Poles Go In Plus other additions

They were working on Saturday, Election Day, to get the lights attached to the poles. There are 13 of these double lighted Poles along the foreshore between Beacon Cove and the Sandridge car park plus 2 more lighting the car park itself. Like many new things they will take a while for the eye to get used to. The curved shape matches somewhat the curved line of SLV HQ, the other tall dominant feature at the west end of the beach.

The Play equipment is now up and running. A sand pit right next to the beach finds its supporters.

Its a bit hard to see in this picture of the BBQ site at the BC end of the beach. It is the small weather station attached to the top of the light pole above the BBQs. Will make enquiries at council and report back. I'm guessing it is linked to BOM but will verify.

This BBQ at the western end next to the carpark sits in a sheltered cul de sac. It will be interesting to see the use these BBQs get during the warmer months.

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