Saturday, October 2, 2010

Working Bee Saturday 2nd October

It will be interesting to watch this section of fenced foredune in the coming years. It has little spinifex to speak of. The next fenced section to the west has a degraded spinifex dune due to foot traffic and the furthest west, next to Webb Dock, is the best established as it has been somewhat protected by a 3 strand star picket fence for a few years.

The walk into the Reserve presented the newly cleared area immediately behind SLV HQ and the pruned Casuarinas along the carpark. David Hahir told me this was going to happen and that stage 2 of the fencing is imminent.

A small but efficient group attended today, myself, Carol, Jack, Janet, Tracey & Chris. Tracey is doing an anthropology PHD on Port Melbourne and attended as a study of local groups in Port and Chris picked us at random from the Landcare website. He travelled from Blackburn.

Anne was involved in setting up Pat Grainger's 80th at the Trugo Club where we all ended up in the afternoon. The day was the first real warm spring day and was also the replay of the drawn Grand Final.

The weeds are prolific this season. We set upon the vetch in the grass beds and Jack and I did a stint in the foreshore dunes. Weeds are everywhere and I will ask Michelle Ritchie on Monday if she can throw more resources at them next week because they will be seeding very soon. It was a pleasant warm morning. Janet and Anne are going to do some more again Sunday morning.

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